10% of our benefits are used every year to create a social project . For 2019, the goal is to create a school in northern Thailand , small rural area where kids could not go to school at all . We will build with local people and supervise the project from A to Z and keep everyone update on our website .


Our mind is revolted. Constantly. Against the predjugees and the violence we encounter. Sometimes its our sisters, our friends, our parents, our neighbors. Sometimes its us. The evolution of our society has entered in a black hole. Nothing is never enough. But we are human. Not FUCKING MACHINES. And it is our role to try to make everyone feeling respected and free to live the way we want.

Idealism is and always was the fundamental base to reach a goal and win a battle. But this has a price. This costs us time and courage. And at the end, we will win. With no doubt.
Its time to shout it out. Its time to say what we think. With all our differences, we decided to create a brand of clothes that is a SCREAM. No tears anymore, no wars, just words.

A clear and simple message that we show to the world on a Tshirt to wear, on a Tshirt that will make all the difference. Make you feel self confident who ever you are, make you feel respected to everyones eyes, make other people feel also more confident and true to themselves and to the others.

We are fucking human. And we ARE FUCKING EQUAL. 5 percent of our benefits will be given to charity because all starts when we are kids and kids deserve a roof, an education and food.

We are open to all collaboration with artists, business people, photographs and celebrities. Just a step and another one and another one and another one. Not a big speech. Simple ideas have always change the world. And we are on the way. Love you all

Chango and David
Founders of Fuckingequal

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